Why a Clean Bong Means Better Smokes

If you’re a regular cigarette smoker, there’s a single machine you can’t go without your bong. Whether or not you favor glass, acrylic, or porcelain ceramic, your bong is vital for chilling and filtering smoke joint filter before you take in.

But just like any other smoking cigarettes accessory, bongs demand standard cleaning up to prevent build up and make sure optimal efficiency. Listed below are four good reasons you ought to always remember to clean your bong.

Helps to keep the Flavor Refreshing

No-one enjoys the flavour of stale cigarette smoke, and a unclean bong may be the amount-a single culprit of off-getting tastes. If the resin and also other remains build-up in your bong, it could impart a nasty preference for your herb—regardless of how high-high quality it could be. Cleaning up your bong frequently can help make sure that you always enjoy the correct flavoring of your respective smoke cigarettes.

Removes Unwanted Organisms

In addition to affecting taste, deposits with your bong may also harbor dangerous bacteria. When water is located inside a bong for longer time periods, it might be an ideal breeding terrain for a variety of microbes—some of which is often unhealthy for your wellbeing. Typical cleaning up will help avoid the growth and development of microorganisms and keep your smoking cigarettes practical experience as risk-free as you can.

Enhances Your Smokes Level of smoothness

Resin and also other residues not only impact flavour, but they could also make light up harsher and much more annoying to the throat and lung area. Washing your bong on a regular basis will assist make certain that every hit is easy and satisfying. Therefore, understand how to clean a bong.

Improves Productivity

A messy bong is undoubtedly an inefficient bong—plain and easy. Resin accumulation can limit air flow and make it tough to acquire a excellent strike through your pan. Be preserving your bong clean, you’ll make sure that every struck is robust and satisfying.


As any typical cigarette smoker is aware, a bong is a vital item of equipment. But what many cigarette smokers don’t know is that bongs call for standard cleaning to prevent build up and sustain optimum performance. Listed below are four reasons good reasons to remember to completely clean your bong: fresh taste, harmless cigarette smoking, easy strikes, and greater productivity. So the next occasion you grab your best item, go on a min to give it an excellent scrub—your respiratory system will thanks!