Double-Sided Glue: The Ultimate Bonding Agent

Whether or not you’re a DIY lover or even a expert licensed contractor, you realize that bonding types of surface together can often be a tricky process. While conventional glue might suffice for most jobs, there are several cases – like bonding more heavy or larger sized items – where it just isn’t sufficiently strong enough to keep. That’s exactly where double-sided glue will come in! In this post, we’ll discover the world of double-sided glue and discuss how it can resolve your hardest connecting problems.

The Fundamentals of Double-Sided Glue

extra-strong double-sided glue (דבק דו צדדי חזק במיוחד) is simply what its label indicates – adhesive which is used on each side of the material. Usually, this glue is composed of a coating of adhesive material sandwiched between two bedding of document or some other fabric. Some double-sided glue tapes are covered using a certain form of adhesive, like acrylic or silicon, that increases its stickiness. When bonding two areas jointly, you simply remove the protecting layer from each side of the glue, hit both surface areas jointly firmly and maintain for a couple moments.

Some great benefits of Double-Sided Glue

One of the primary advantages of double-sided glue is its adaptability. Unlike conventional glue, double-sided glue can relationship various surface areas, which includes plastic-type material, glass, steel, and wood. It’s also simple to use, quick-drying, and can get rid of the need for drilling, anchoring screws, or some other technical fixings. Additionally, some kinds of double-sided glue is easy to remove without damaging the outer lining, so that it is a priceless option for temporary bonding.

Forms of Double-Sided Glue

There are many types of double-sided glue, each of which is designed for particular reasons. Some are much stronger as opposed to others, and several will be more suitable for some kinds of surface areas. The most prevalent forms of double-sided glue consist of carpets and rugs adhesive tape, mounting tape, foam adhesive tape, and heavy-task mounting tape. Carpeting tape is great for acquiring rugs and carpets and carpets, whilst mounting tape is great for lighter in weight items like image support frames and paper prints. Foam adhesive tape is ideal for abnormal areas or unequal stress details, and high-duty installing adhesive tape is ideal for connecting heavier items like mirrors or metallic signs.

How for the greatest Effects with Double-Sided Glue

To get the best effects with double-sided glue, it’s vital that you put together the surface areas you’re bonding correctly. Before applying the glue, ensure that the work surface is clean and dried out. Dust, dirt, or moisture content can destroy the connection, so it’s necessary to neat and dried out each surface areas carefully. Moreover, be sure you utilize the glue consistently, without the gaps or bubbles. Eventually, press both the surface areas with each other securely and hold them into position for several secs to guarantee a powerful link.


Double-sided glue is really a versatile and effective bonding remedy which can help you take on even the hardest jobs. From bonding carpets and rugs and foam to mounting snapshot picture frames and heavy physical objects, there’s a type of double-sided glue that’s suitable for your project. By taking the time to correctly get ready types of surface and implement the adhesive, you can find the most out of this effective solution. So, the very next time you need to connection two areas together, take into account giving double-sided glue a shot – you won’t be disappointed!